Janish Banjos


I fell in love with the sound of the five string banjo at the moment I heard Bill Monroe´s Bluegrass Boys play the Lonesome Road Blues on the radio in the spring of 1975. I bought a cheap banjo at that time and started to practice. I found very quickly that the sound of the cheap instrument did not suit me. Since I had no money to buy an expensive model I decided to build a banjo with my own hands. I was so caught by making the banjo that I built ten more instruments by 1980. I was one of the founders of the bluegrass group OASA, where I played the banjo, and continue to play today. Five string banjo has always amazed me very much, and that´s why I have always tried hard to make the best instrument possible, to produce not only the good pre-war sound, but also a nice design and hand crafted quality. I have built banjos professionally and full-time since 1980, and I like this job. My wish to all the players playing my instruments is that they enjoy the same pleasure I do.
Yours truly,
Pavel Janišš

uživatelský obsah - vždy jako první článek!!!




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