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Original Janish "Joker" Red Sunburst 100% HAND MADE

     Wood: Honduras mahogany, ebony fingerboard and top and back peghead and back heel. Complete solid mahogany resonator   (no laminate). Original Janish JOKER inlays MOP hand made cut . Ebony with pearl inlays Truss rod cover. Ivoroid binding I/B/I and wood purfling. Janish pegs ( copy Gotoh 1928 which was instal on Gibson banjos) with ivoroid knobs.
3- ply maple rim and Mastertone-style Flathead tonering from beell-bronze alloy to 1930s dimensions 11". One piece flange.Nickel plated of metal parts. Remo head. A,B,H,C capo spikes for five string. GHS strings PF- 140
Banjo has GREAT sound of pre-ware flat head tonering and good playability, powerfull, well balanced sound.

Price: 2300 eur. Include hard case with my logo.
Cena: 60000 Kč. V ceně je pevné pouzdro s mým logem.


In Stock / Na skladě (k prodeji)

Original JANISH „ VIRTUOS“ Curly maple. 100% HAND MADE

Curly maple neck, and resonator(Sunburst). Ebony fingerboard and top peghead and back heel. Original inlays Janish Virtuos 2021 hand made cut inlays on fingerboard and peghead.( MOP and abalone), MOP nut and nut for five string. Tortois binding and wood purfling and abalone ring on back resonator. 2-Way Truss Rod. Black Head. Stewart Mc. Donald five star pegs. Gold plating (24 carate gold) and hand made engraving on tension,flange, armrest, tailpiece and tonering. Flathead tonering 20 hole pre-ware style bell bronze alloy. 3-ply maple rim(warnish) and one piece Janish flange. Abalone Truss rod cover. 4x spikes for five string, A,B,H,C.(capo)
Great sound and good playability.

Price: 5500 EUR (include White hard case with JANISH logo)


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